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Friday, April 12, 2013

Sharks Lagoon Babysitting Walkthrough and Codes (Part 2)

Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of the “Sharks Lagoon Babysitting Walkthrough”. In case you haven’t seen the first part, you can read it here. The game called “Babysitting” is a point and click puzzle game for adults made by the people from Shark’s Lagoon. Their games are very fun but also quite difficult, so that’s why I decided to give you a complete walkthrough for the Babysitting game. 

In the first part we got to the point where they get back from the bar, and Lola is very upset on Chris. To start directly from the next level, use the codeattractive”. Just click through the texts by clicking on the green triangle and  then you can choose to watch TV or to turn on the laptop. The good option to choose is to turn on the laptop! And this way Chris will be able to watch what Lola is doing in her room. 

When looking at the laptop, click on the trackpad 2 times, until you see the girl. When you see Lola in the bed, first click and hold the cursor on her belly, then move the cursor up to raise her top. The next step is to click and hold on her left leg, until the pink bar is loading. Then click and hold on her breasts, and then do exactly the same on her panties. Click and hold in the same place, and her hand will go under her panties.
In the next scene Chris goes in her room, and she will start teasing him. First click on her top and drag the mouse upwards to lift it up, and then do the same with the panties. When they are together on the bed, click on his face and Lola will kiss him. 

Then click on his hand and drag it to her panties. Now you will get another code, and this one is “exciting”. The next level is when they wake up and they are together in the kitchen. First you have to click on her right leg, and then on his pants. Next you will be asked to choose a version, and the one that works is “Go take a shower”.  

The others may be interesting too, but they won't take you to the end of the game. When he gets out of the shower, click on his left hand and then on her hips. Then also click on his hand and now on her breasts. Do the same thing again but this time on her "sensitive spot". Next click on his mouth, and Lola will kiss him. 

Then click and drag on his middle, to take off the towel and then on her head to lean her down. I can’t describe what you have to do next, but I’m sure you will handle it…it’s very simple and very hot! ;) Then the level will end and the next code is “irresistible”. 

In the next level Lola comes home with one of her girlfriends, and things will be getting more and more interesting! Now you will have to give Lola a very intimate massage, by using the other girl. 

But the solution to this scene will be described in the next article, as well as the rest of the game (the “grand finale” is close!!). I hope this Sharks Lagoon Babysitting walkthrough was useful, and stay tuned for the last part of the article! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments area below!


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